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Caravan Roadworthy and Caravan Gas Certificate

We Come To You - Brisbane, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast


Caravan Roadworthy Parts and Gas Inspection Parts

General Caravan Chassis Parts

Load Rated Cam-Lock or Hammer Lock

Used to join chain


Load Rated D Shackles

1.5 Tone $7.00ea

2.0 Tone $9.00ea 

Load Rated Galvanized Safety Chain

2.0 Tone 10mm $16.00 600mm length

3.5 Tone 13mm $33.00ea 800mm length  

Brake Safe Switch


Replacement Brake Safe Flex Cord


Caravan and Trailer - Brake Safe Battery


Ford and Holden Bearing Seals


Clearance Reflectors $2.20ea

These Fridge vents are fitted to most Jayco Campers manufactured prior to 2012

e.g. Eagle, Swan, Penguin, Flamingo, Dove

Having this vent open does not comply and must be capped off to meet compliance.

The Vent on the Left has been capped off from the under side. We provide a vent swap for $66.00

Camec Style Brake Safe Replacement Battery


Fire Extinguisher $40.00

Caravan Lights

LED Side Marker $24.00ea

LED Front Clearance Light $22.00ea

LED Front and Side Markers $22.00ea

Side Marker Light Lens $6.50ea

Side Marker Light $16.50ea

Standard Trailer and Caravan

Number Plate Lamp with Globe $12.00ea

Standard Trailer and Caravan

Number Plate Lamp with Globe $12.00ea 

Narva Caravan Number Plate Lamp $16.00

Narva Caravan Number Plate Lamp $16.00

Narva Clearance Light $16.00ea

Caravan Tail Light $18.00

Replacement Lens $8.50

Caravan LED Tail Light $19.00ea

Narva Jayco Replacement Lens $22.00

Narva Jayco Replacement Lens $22.00

Narva Clearance Lights $9.00ea

Narva Side Clearance Light $16.00

Narva Clearance Lights $14.00ea

Caravan side Clearance Light $15.00

Caravan Gas Inspection Parts

2 Stage Caravan Gas Regulator $70.00

Small 2 stage Caravan Gas Regulator $58.00

Standard 450 or 600mm Flexi Pig Tail $33.00

LPG Storage Sticker $8.80

Caravan Gas instruction Sheet $6.00

Cooker Ventilation Sticker $3.30

Caravan Ventilation Sticker $3.30

Gas Storage Requirement Sticker $7.00